Double-sided Baby Cocoon Nest



Baby Cocoon Nest ensures the safety of your baby from the very first days of their life. It works as a portable baby bed and you can use it anywhere:


  • in your own bed – for your baby to have their own comfortable place to sleep without you worrying about accidentally squeezing or pressing too hard
  • on the carpet – serving as a warm and safe playing and sleeping space
  • on the couch – ensuring you don’t need to worry about your baby rolling down
  • in the baby cot – making it easier to sleep on the side for children who have trouble with spitting up
  • away on holidays and trips – working as a portable baby cot, one your baby knows very well and feels comfortable in
  • in the baby stroller – as an additional lining to absorb harder shakes and bumps in the road


The cocoon is intended for infants from birth to about 6 months of age. However, you can just loosen the string tied in the bottom of the nest and make the cocoon larger – perfect for older kids.

The cocoon nest can be tied according to your and your baby’s preferences: very tight in the first weeks of life and looser in the next – it grows with the child.



Cocoon Nest lining: 100% cotton

Filling: silicone filling

Removable mattress – a non-woven fabric that isolates against cold and uneven ground


The cocoon nest is machine washable.



Width: 58 cm

Length: 92 cm


Dimensions of the mattress:

Width: 30cm

Length: 65cm

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 90 x 60 x 130 cm